Oxfam Novib - Simon Jelsma Award
Speedboat Z414
La double Vita | High
Soil of Ardour | Bright Dusk Gold M1
Royal Plaquette King Willem Alexander
Harvest Tree | Type II & I
Sloop Zacht
Free Art work
Once in a life time
Tussen A en B
Free Art work [for sale]
Commissioned Art work
Never enough
Free Art work [for sale]
New Memories
Free Art work [for sale]

. . . Zagara Sculptor at heart. Best-Selling CCEO artist . . .
distinctive in
Context Related- Concept- & Evolved Art, Ongoing artist

Gratefully I present to you my selection Highlights to give you a quick impression of my Art works. Its a selection of Free - and Commissioned Art works realized recently, up to one of my first creations.

For further inquiries please contact me: Zagara.