Hot List

> 04 2015
Creator of the Identity Innovation Award [IDnext and NVVB]

> 03 2015
Creator of the Achterhoek Innovatie Award. [IKB and University Twente].

> 12 2014
The Art work: La double Vita | High : Sold before ever exhibited!
Tenerife, Spain.

> 06 2014
Creator of the Oxfam Novib, Simon Jelsma Award.

>06-10 2014
Group exhibition 'in de Heemtuin VII', Leiderdorp: Soil of Ardour | Basis M1,2,3 and new work: 'Earthmen | Caught I and II'].

> 04 2014
Commissioned Public Art sculpture: Speedboat Z414.
The municipality of Zoetermeer commissioned me for creating a work of Art in the public space of shopping center Vijverhoek district Driemanspolder Zoetermeer.

> 05 2013
Again GREAT NEWS: my project: Brick works | . . . '01/'03 at is featured at!

> 02 2013
My work is from now on also exposed on the network.
:: [Zagara Art]

> 02 2013
GREAT NEWS my project: Brick Works | . . . '97/'00 at is featured at!

> 12-2012
Zagara is a 'vriend van elemenTree' [a friend of elemenTree]

> 05 2012
My work is from now on also exposed on the Behance network. The leading online portfolio network.

> 04-2012
Soil of Ardour | inside insight, for the first time exhibit at Stand Up Gallery

> 04-2011
Zagara's first movie [titel: DUY] at YouTube.

> 12-2010
Zagara can be found on Facebook as Zagara artist.

> 09-2010
Zagara at Linkedin
Or Search for: Zagara.

> 03-2010
:: is an other site of Zagara.
A Plaquette is an invention of Zagara and is a tekstboard of stainless steel in combination with an industrial extremely durable synthetic resin, wich can be placed in the pavement. The tekst will remaine sharp and collerfull in spite of walking over it again and again.
The Plaquette itselve was invented in 2003 and was first placed in 2004 as a result of a commision of the city of Den Haag.

> 02 1997
Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts St. Joost in Breda, department of Architectonical Design. My graduation project [aptitude] were four chairs made out of bricks.
After this milestone, I continued to use bricks as my muse material for about eight years.
After my brick period I had some quiet years focusing on my new started family. Now I'm back with a new and strengthened creative energy.