Career-study wise it took some while for me to figure out I performed in my best, doing what was for me a natural habit, namely creating things. This took a flight when I started of as a student at the department of Architectonic Design at the St. Joost Academy of Arts in Breda, the Netherlands.
It was here I found out that my meadow was not design but the fields of Fine Arts. The moment that marks the beginning of that was my final exam work [four chairs made out of bricks, 1997]. Bricks maintained my material muse for about eight years. By then I made the choose of starting a family. Unfortunately the duration of lack of sleep exceed the average. Which is not beneficial for one’s creativity . . .or it is, one could say. This investment in taking responsibility opened a new track in my creative career. I realized my strengths more clear being destinctive in Context Related Art and Evolved Art, as well I started creating more out of a serendipity point of view. Since I noticed that the gifts life offers us are often left unseen. In our way for searching the ultimate beauty most of us forget to see that beauty is Evolving and can be seen in everything.

Undeniably my work is peppered with a classical and figurative appearance. The misleadiance which finds its origin in craftsmanship however is based on conceptual and often Context Related motivations.
Concepts like Simplicity, Tension, Inner-Outer form, Apparent naturalness, Assumption, Human behavior and Shibumi are strong tools of inspirations.

Gratefully work is bought by individuals and companies and I received Commissions from private individuals, the corporate sector and semi-public institutions.

Curious how my creativity can serve you or your company? I will be interested in helping you further, please contact me.