Free Works

I do actually reserve time to spent on creating new Free Works. Since it is my investment in the future. It point out the direction I'm going.
Currently I am particularly inspired by the fact that we all have Wings. We all have our unique qualities and I think we all should be able to express them maximal in order to serve mankind in our utmost and unique way. This insight came from my interest and working on/with the female power the feminine side of the male energy.

Aside you see the work Nike of Backmountain. The leg is a constant factor Evolved out of Soil of Ardour | the Sequences. Yet, it went so far its own way that it got an other title.

In addition, I always try to keep the Evolving line in sight in my Free Works. Sometimes the line is very direct and sometimes she looks from a different matter despite it is coming from the teachings of the above is derived.
As well I am in the process of creating as alert as possible for serendipity and treat those ‘mistakes’ or uncontrolled manifestations seriously. That means although I keep focused on what I want to express in the meanwhile I am keen on to see other things [gifts] offered during the process of creating different then what I was heading for. Rather I try to embrace them within the work creating or otherwise in a new work. Since in daily life we all experience that things have their own way of going in spite our effort. Noting is perfect and within that truth beauty Evolves



My work is based on two pillars. One is creating Free work. And the other pilar are the Art Commissions. It is in this I noticed I benefit from my designer background since with a Commission one has to deal always with a given context. Whether it is the final location, the principal background, size restrictions, the topic it has to express, or the material needed to be used or something else. These so called boundaries force me to find an creative answer and quality by going into the depth [verry well expressed in/with my brick works].

The Award was actually started of as a Free Work. In Spite of that ,this work really holds all the aspects I feel related to talking about Commissioned Art works. For me Oxfam Novib stand most of all for: Changing the world into a better place starts with looking at yourself. And: those who plant a Tree have faith in the future. Here a bronze mirrow in the shape of a tree.

Context Related Art

Zagara sculptor at heart. Distinctive in Context Related- and Evolved Art.

A Context Related Art work gives answer to a given context set by the principal or a taken context set by the artist selve. In other words this is about how in the first place an Art work is brought about. It stands for the point of view in creating that puts in front a given context, where within the authenticity and pureness of the artist flourish.
Using the context as an important matter for inspiration will not only help me with the joy of challange and surprice finding the unique final form, but it also gives the Artwork ankerpoints for the principal. where within she/he/them can identify themselves much more with. The Artwork gives for the incrowd added value since they understand the implementated references.

At the right you see a still out of the movie DUY which I made after listening to a story about the Holocaust and the inhumane activities in concentration camps, Auschwitz in particular.

Evolved Art

The basic idea behind this description is that an Art work forms the basis for creating the second one. And that the second Art work forms the basis for the next one, and so on.
The basis can be meant literal in form but also in figural means, like creating out the learning’s got from preceding experiences/creations.
So it is not so much the style in which the artist prevail but the ability to create and respond on what is presented as an result of the past. In that the artist expresses the inner drive of how she/he feels, thinks and react, rather than continuing his characteristic way of expression.

The work shown here is Soil of Ardour | Concept Girls II, M2. Actually it is the empty space which is the forming spine. Like the On-Off mystery of the refrigerator light.

More about Evolved Art? Get the free download and learn not only more about Evolved Art as well some tools to get more understanding about Art.


When I started of as a fine Artist I thought I was creating just for myself. Not so much aware that I contributed to a need of others.
As well I never understood so well the expression: you have to do where your passion is. Since I related passion with excitement and not so much with doing something in which you are in your element. My creations came into being just by doing what I did as a result of my natural drive. Never thought that I was authentic with this state of mind. Just now I see the reason why I became a fine Artist and the value for others, because:

I believe that Art has two strong characteristics.
Firstly I believe Art fibrites with our deeper knowing and acknowledgement being human.
Secondly I believe that Art has the power to foresee things we haven’t defined - Yet.
Therefore I make Art
         to serve your inner soul
         to serve your inspiration
         to serve your wondering
         to serve your subconsciousness
         to serve your fears
         to serve your cultural awareness
         . . . to serve your believe in the future
, therefor I create Art.



It is my mission to enrich people’s awareness of themselves: EVERYBODY = UNIQUE.
As well our similarities: WE ARE ALL HUMAN

It is my goal to collect 100.000 SUBSCRIBERS of an UNIQUE petition.
>>> soon more about the ins and outs of this petition <<<

It is about underlining these words:
We believe that the differences of us human are a collective gift in our process of learning and therefor need to be the primal principal of the human rights and obligations.

I foresee that people through my Mission and Artworks gain more understanding of other human beings because they realize that overall truth does not exists.