December 2014

 Zagara La double Vita Tenerife 1214  

La double Vita | High
Paper fibrers, Epoxi resin, Wood
127 x 249 x 5 cm
December 2014 [November 2013]

. . . SOLD before ever exhibit ! . . . [December 2014]
Privite collection, Tenerife, Spain.
In order to make sure the shipping of the work from the Netherlands to Tenerife will be save I specialy made a transportbox for the work. Ofcourse they wanted to see the work once more when I delivered the work before they moved. 

La double Vita | High is a work of a happely dancing woman with unvisable wings swirling around in a cloudy surrounding. Together with La double Vita | Far they became the next evoluted work in the squence of the Soil of Ardour works. They got an other [set] title since they represent a difference in a much larger scale. Larger work demands quickly to other solutions in the making. Despite it is pretty flat work, I define them made in the tradition of sculpture rather than painting. The figures are namely sculpt by hand out of paper pulp, which were then were treated with epoxy.

La double Vita | High and La double Vita | Far are a direct result of the findings made creating the four generations of SOIL OF ARDOUR [Basis - Concept Girls I - Concept Girls II - Bright Dusk].

June 2014 

Earthman I Caught I
[at left and top right]]
Earth, epoxy, PU, wood
210 x 135 x 50 cm. [82x53x20"]
June 2014

Earthmen | Caught II
[at botom right]
Earth, epoxy, PU, wood
80 x 50x 50 cm. [32x20x20"]
june 2014 

. . . Earthmen | Caught I and II , are specially made for the group exhibition 'De Heemtuin Verbeeld VII: metamorfose' ['The indigenous botanical garden Imagine VII: methamorphosis'] in the Heemtuin Leiderdorp. The official opening of the exhibition was done by alderman Jeff Gardeniers of the city Leiderdorp . . . .

Ivan Pesic
Photographer. Los Angeles, USA.
"It has this primordial look of the dawn of time and civilization. Those rough textures and dark faces and bodies express wonder and surprise so vividly that I am instantly transported into this world of mystery and beauty. I also wonder how can you express so much with seemingly so little."

April 2014 

Speedboat Z414
Granito on concrete
320 x 135 x 85 cm
April 2014

. . . The municipality of Zoetermeer [the Netherlands] Commissioned me for creating a work of Art in the Public Space of shopping center Vijverhoek district Driemanspolder. Characteristic to the shopping center is the cozy, open and green impression it make on you. That's because the pond and the park behind it are very well integrated: the square turns into stairs that runs into the friendly pond.
For this Commission I had to use the leftover granite blocks from the shopping area for the renovation in 2013.
WHAT if something had happened here which no one knows exactly anymore the HOW or WHEN? That's where Speedboat Z414 turns in.
The official unveiling of Speedboat Z414 was done by Hans Haring, alderman for Culture of the city Zoetermeer . . .

Wayne Edson Bryan. []
Fine Artist. Alexandria, USA.
"Wonderful concept and outstanding execution! Great piece, Zagara!" 

November 2013


La double Vita | High
[at left]
Paper fibrers, Epoxi resin, Wood
127 x 249 x 5 cm
November 2013
La double Vita | Far
[at right]
Paper fibrers, Epoxi resin, Wood
95 x 127 x 5 cm
November 2013

. . . These two Works are a direct result from the Evolved Art series of Soil of Ardour works [shown below]. In these works I wanted to translate the learning’s of the previous four Soil of Ardour genertions into a work with a much larger scale. 

The females were hand formed from paper fibers and epoxi resin. One’s dried the forms were placed on a wooden plate and again all was processed with epoxi resin.
For me these two works are made in the tradition of sculpting rather than painting . . .

Christoph Bader.
Co-founder Descriptive. Bad Wurzach, Germany. [
"I am so mesmerized by the details and pattern that I didn’t really recognize the human shapes at first. I enjoy how the patterns vary and change to hint at a more concrete form. Great work."

Carsten Witte.
Photographer. Hamburg, Germany. [
"Enormous! Would love to see it in real!!!"

June 2013


Soil of Ardour | Bright Dusk
M1, M2 and M3
[at top]
Paper fibrers, Epoxi resin, Gold leaf 24k
June 2013

Soil of Ardour | Bright Dusk
M1, M2 and M3
[at bottom]
Paper fibrers, Epoxi resin, Aluminum leaf
June 2013

. . . BRIGHT DUSK is about beauty. People form a prima facie opinion of the first impression. So then we talk about the outher beauty. But as we all know the true beauty resides in the inside. The inside of the Bright Dusk sculptures are gold plated or Silver collored. That seems to be right since that's the inside. But for those who look closer they will see that the inside is the outside of the first generation Soil of Ardour | Basis M1, M2 and M3.
To be honest BRIGHT DUSK is mainly about the beauty twistability.

SOIL OF ARDOUR is a family of sculptures in which the following directly descended from the previous one. An Evolution where as with ourselves, everything you do comes from what the previous [generations] have built up and done. So:

Soil of Ardour | Bright Dusk, M1,M2 & M3 is the Evolution of
Soil of Ardour | Concept Girls II, M1,M2 & M3 is the Evolution of
Soil of Ardour | Concept Girls I, M1,M2 & M3 is the Evolution of
Soil of Ardour | Inside insight, M1,M2 & M3 is the Evolution of
Soil of Ardour | Basis, M1,M2 & M3  . . .

Louise Morgan.
Fine Artist. Sydney, Australia []
"Exquisite. Love how this sculptural series keeps evolving, can't say I was expecting this latest lot to turn out like this, but I'm glad it did! They seem more animated/ in a state of metamorphosis and I'm half expecting them to start changing on their own accord.
Great work :)"


December 2012

. . .